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Ms. Donne DiFiglia WM S&EO
Immediate Past-President
Washington DC Chapter
International System Safety Society

All Members and Associates, Society Officers & Directors
Washington DC Chapter
International System Safety Society

I am so pleased to announce that the Washington DC Chapter (WDC) has won the award for International System Safety Society (ISSS) Chapter of the Year for the fiscal year 2016-2017.  What an honor!

I would like to express my gratitude to all of the System Safety professionals that live and breathe to ensure the safety of the men and women of our country and especially our military.  The members of our WDC Chapter are a highly devoted team of experts, the cream of the crop and the best in the business.  I am so proud and humbled to have served as your President.

I would like to thank our WDC Chapter and ISSS officers for their unwavering dedication to the ISSS objectives and policies.  Special thanks to the following officers:

Mr. Michael Ramsburg, for serving as our former Vice-President, for dedicating his time and resources to every WDC Chapter meeting, for his loyalty to our chapter through thick and thin and for his continuing dedication to the WDC Chapter as our newly-elected Treasurer.

Ms. Amber D. Shampine, for serving as our Executive Secretary and Past-President, for her countless hours of service and devotion to our Chapter and to many ISSS conferences, and for being my most loyal "side-kick" throughout the years.

Ms. Lisa K. Hill, for her outstanding service as our Treasurer, for her ability to organize everything from the budget to the meeting set-ups and refreshments, for her loyalty, dependability, professionalism and good humor over the years.  Thanks Lisa!

Mr. John W. Burchett, for serving as our Membership Coordinator and new Vice-President.  For loyally and cheerfully supporting every meeting and event.  The consummate professional and what a trooper!

Mr. Sean Peters, for serving as our Special Projects Officer and former Past-President.  For capably leading a team of safety professionals and being my mentor and confidant for many years.

Mr. E. Paul Denk, our former Treasurer.  For tirelessly supporting our meetings and conferences and for his loyal dedication to our Chapter.  I proudly pass the baton to our newly-elected WDC Chapter President.  Congratulations Paul!

Mr. Edward W. Kratovil, for dedicating his life to System Safety as Chairman of the Navy's Weapons System Explosives Safety Review Board (WSESRB).  For being my mentor, colleague and supporter over a long and dedicated career in Systems Safety.  For serving as our Scholarship & Education Officer and for passing that baton to me.  Thanks Ed!

Dr. Rod Simmons, the ISSS Past-President, for his encouragement and leadership and for setting a fine example for a President to follow.  Thanks Rod!

Mr. Clifton Ericson, the ISSS Treasurer and Past-President, for working hand-in-hand with me as both a safety engineer and software safety instructor, for letting me build his safety website and for supplying me with autographed books & a wealth of safety information.  Thanks Clif!

Mr. Robert Fletcher, the ISSS Director of Chapter Services, for his optimism and team spirit, for his inspiring words, for his dedication to all that is good and right with our Society and for helping us achieve our goals to be the best!

Dr. Chuck Muniak, for his hard work, professionalism and encouragement over the last two decades.  Best wishes for your success as our newly elected ISSS President!

To all 63 members of our WDC Chapter, to all our new members and to our fellow chapters who continue to support our efforts to be the best we can be!   Thank you all.

Warmest Regards,
WDC Chapter Executive Secretary, Amber D. Shampine and WDC Chapter President, E. Paul Denk, accepting the award for ISSS Chapter of the Year.