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Washington DC Chapter Elections Nomination Form

Deadline for Nominations is Fri 26 Jan 2024 2300ET

Please use this form to nominate yourself or your candidate(s) for WDC Chapter 2024 Vice-President and other key positions.  You may enter up to 3 choices for each position, but please enter them in this order: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice.  Scroll down to see descriptions of candidate duties and responsibilities.

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Vice-President, WDC Chapter [Elected Position -  2 Year Term]: The Chapter Vice President serves as the Chapter's program director. The Vice President also assumes the President's position in the event that the President is no longer eligible or cannot carry out his duties.

Treasurer, WDC Chapter [Elected Position -  2 Year Term]: The Treasurer maintains the WDC bank accounts, financial records, and checkbook.  The Treasurer, along with the President, has signing authority for financial transactions with the Chapters financial institution, and writes checks, conducts financial transactions as needed, and ensures all financial accounts are balanced.  Checks are typically written to reimburse EC members for expenditures in support of official Chapter business, and to reimburse Chapter monthly meeting hosts for any snacks and soda's purchased for the meeting.  The Treasurer also prepares the financial input to the annual report to the Society.

Meetings & Events Coordinator [Appointed Position - 1 Year Term]: The Meeting & Events Coordinator operates to facilitate the required Monthly WDC Chapter meetings with the full authority of the President of the WDC.  The coordinator works with Chapter members to identify meeting hosts, meeting locations, and prepares and releases e-mails to announce the meetings. The coordinator typically asks the upcoming WDC monthly meeting host to write the event specific input to a meeting announcement with a brief Bio of any Speakers [if a Speaker is arranged] and sends the logistical pieces [e.g., maps, clearance requests, etc] to the Coordinator for promulgation with a meeting announcement.  The coordinator makes sure the meeting events are well communicated, advertised, the logistics are accomplished, and attends the meeting.

Memberships Coordinator [Appointed Position - 1 Year Term]: The Memberships coordinator drives new membership, monitors renewal of existing members, validates the annual remuneration provided by the Society for membership; this is an annual reimbursement from the System Safety Society which is based on number of members.  The Memberships coordinator also inputs to the Monthly newsletter membership status, any new membership goals or membership drive events.

Education and Scholarships Officer [Appointed Position - 1 Year Term]: The Education and Scholarships Officer is responsible for managing all WDC scholarships and their distribution to awardees.  Additionally, the Education and Scholarships Officer pursues educational opportunities to further the discipline and practice of system safety.

Webmaster [Appointed Position - Indefinite]:  The WDC Webmaster is responsible for maintaining and managing the WDC website and its content.  This includes ensuring the WDC Webmaster will ensure the WDC Website is activated and functioning.  The WDC Webmaster will identify, select, and propose to the WDC Executive Council any necessary and appropriate Web tools, and software tools to support WDC Web or computer based activities.  The WDC Webmaster will also screen and select any WDC Web based advertisement techniques or products.

Special Projects Officer [Appointed Position - 1 Year Term]: The Special Projects Officer is responsible for all activities as assigned by the President, President Elect, or Executive Council of the WDC.  Special Projects criteria require that all assigned activities are directly related to WDC and System Safety Society objectives and principles and are of direct benefit to the WDC Executive Council or the WDC membership at large.

Problems with this Form? Contact:
Donne DiFiglia
Director of Chapters & International Outreach
International System Safety Society
Past-President/Webmaster/WDC Chapter
Phone: (540) 371-3819

Elections Nominations Questions? Contact:
John Burchett
WDC Chapter
International System Safety Society
Phone/Text: (301) 744-2307